Ada: a C Developer’s Perspective

There is code running everywhere and on everything. It’s no longer isolated to just our cell phones and laptops. There are smart keys, smart toasters, smart pens, and even smart clothing. And everything is going to continue to get smarter. From a software development perspective, smarter means that there is more code being shoved onto these processors every day. When the software catches up and maxes out the hardware, there is new hardware waiting to take on the new responsibilities. With the ever-growing pile of code that we, as software developers, are tasked to maintain, there are, inevitably, things that will be missed. And as we rely more and more on software-enabled devices for our daily activities, those errors can jeopardize our safety and security. Despite this risk, the software development community has only recently become cognizant of these issues as they manifest as security vulnerabilities in IoT devices, car control systems, and financial software systems. So, what is the solution for handling mountains of code that needs to be safe, secure, and maintainable? The aerospace industry has had an answer to this questions for many years. When tasked with applications with requirements such as code safety and reliability, efficient software development cycles, and the ability to maintain code bases for many years, they turn to a programming language designed for exactly that purpose, Ada.


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