Ever Wondered why ATM Pin is Only 4-digits.Here is the reason!

We may come across major things in our day to day life. Most of the times we fail to notice the strange thing in it. ATM machines are not new to us. We are very familiar with the usage of ATM’s. After the invention of ATM machine, the major task of drawing the money from our bank account became so simple. It’s very convenient for us to carry ATM-cum-Debit cards with us. You can withdraw from your account with a simple swipe of you debit card at the ATM’s. ATM machines were installed  all over the world in every street of the cities. There is no wonder that even the extremely remote areas got installed with ATM machines.

But there is an interesting theory behind the development of  the ATM as we know it now.

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Here’s The Interesting Things Behind The Invention Of Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

computer loan machine

atm machine inventor

james goodfellow

Now, Here’s a Question for you – Have You ever wondered why ATM pin consists of only 4-digits?


Here’s The Answer:

  • John Adrian Shepherd-Barron, the inventor of ATM machine was born to Dorothy Barron (Wimbledon Ladies Double Champion) in Shillong.
  • Barron proposed a 6 digit PIN.
  • But this idea has to be rejected because of Barron’s wife Caroline.
  • This is because Caroline could remember only the largest string of 4-digits.
  • 6-digit was too long for her to recall.


But now there are many banks that are offering a 6-digit PIN code for accessing the Debit cards. Sometimes we may even forget the 4-digit code. Just imagine what happens if the PIN was 8 digits like that of passwords for emails, social media accounts etc. So let’s thank that woman.


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