Build an Eye-Catching Website with These Free Tools.

Remember Emaze, that software for creating online presentations?  First, it was dedicated only to creating presentations. Now they expand their portfolio to let users build eye-catching personalized websites. It works without writing a single line of code and offers a large choice of templates, each for different interest groups from fashion to sport and others. Curious? Here’s a live demo.

What are your options?

If you don’t have enough time or inspiration for creating websites, this new feature will certainly help you. It has similar options such as other online tools for creating websites, JimdoWix and Squarespace but with one significant difference – it comes with a simple import feature. All you need to do is to let the tool grab data from your own social media profiles including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you set the chosen template, Emaze automatically generates your new website with content from your social media profiles. Quickly, you’ll have a very own personal website without the trouble of designing and hosting it.

What about LinkedIn?

However, LinkedIn, the social network with the most detailed info about business and education, is not included. According to The Next Web, it is quite understandable actually.

“It’s not a particularly visual-heavy site, and while it’s increasingly used as a blogging platform, people don’t tend to share photos and videos through Linkedin,” they wrote. Check the editorial note below for some LinkedIn-focused options.

Ready with a few clicks

After you set the templates and chosen options, Emaze automatically generates your homepage. You can customize it to fit your needs by removing and adding elements, backgrounds, text, and links. Your finished website is also mobile friendly, and you can quickly build your brand for mobile users.

The site editor also allows you to play around and change your theme later on, add video, or lets you insert live social media feeds.  After you go “live”  you will be under the domain. If you dislike such, you can pay for your own domain and remain with the same website.

Focus on influencer marketing

There is one more difference between this Emaze’s feature and other similar online software tools. Emaze’s website creating tool is focused mostly on those who build their “online presence” and have niche business related to social networks. That includes brand ambassadors, Instagram celebrities, bloggers and other types of influencers. Other alternatives have a lot more to offer to individuals, startups and small businesses.

Finally, you no longer have to pay for designers and programmers when you don’t need to. Just do your own thing. Have fun building your own website!


Author: nikhilendrapns19

A Book lover,Tech savvy and a Blogger.

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