Samsung’s reply to Apple Iphone X is about to release.

Apple wowed the world with its iPhone X. Now it’s Samsung’s turn.

The new samsung phone is all about its camera.

Samsung has announced its plan to release new Galaxy S9.

The South Korean electronics giant on Sunday will unveil its latest phone, the Galaxy S9, at its Unpacked event at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung’s invitation for the launch featured the number nine — for the name of the device — as well as the teaser, “The Camera. Reimagined.”

The Galaxy S series is Samsung’s most important product line. If you own an Android phone, the odds are pretty high that it bears a Samsung logo. Last year, about one out of every five phones shipped across the world came from the company.

The stakes are considerably lower than last year’s launch of the Galaxy S8, which was the comeback phone after the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 that had an unhealthy tendency to catch fire. But with Apple raising the stakes with its expanded family of iPhones — especially with its redesigned iPhone X — the pressure is still on for Samsung to impress with its latest flagship phone.

Samsung has not yet released the phone into the market and we will have all the specifications once company releases it.

Till then its waiting time for all of us..



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