How Hackers Look Like and What They Think?

Nearly all hackers completed college or reached that level by self-education. Self-educated hackers are more respected in hacker’s community because that person is really interested in hacking and he passed a lot of things that are not teached in schools and college.

The most common things hackers do is computers electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, linguistics and philosophy. However, like every developer is not the hacker, hackers do not always have the skills of programming, but someone of them have the skill.

Clothing styles: Hackers dress simply, casually: jeans, T-shirt and shoes. T-shirts are usually with some humorous slogans. By 1990, they were distributed T-shirts with computer imagery, but as the hacker culture eventually developed their own symbols, today there are T-shirts with pictures of Penguin (trademark Linux) or daemon (BSD). A small number of hackers prefers hiking boots. Hackers care more about comfort, practicality and ease of maintenance of clothes. They hate business suits.

OTHER INTERESTS: Hobbies that hackers do are widespread. Mostly they like science fiction, music, medievalism, chess, war games and intellectual games of all types, logical puzzles and other areas that are closely related to hacking or that include linguistics and acting.

Hackers prefer cats than dogs. (It is widely believed that cats have the hacker nature). A large number of hackers always forgot to wash a car. They prefer rich modern Porsche or RX-7s, but they forget to wash. All hackers have terrible handwriting.

Annoyed by stupid people, don’t like to listen soft music, or to watch television, except for cartoons and science fiction films. They hate lies, incompetence and boredom.

ACTIVITY AND SPORT: The largest number of hackers are generally not engaged in physical activities. Among those who practice them, interest in the sport is not big. Avoid team sports. Hacker sports are always individual, including concentration and ability: cycling, auto racing, skating, sailing, hiking, gliding … Just to mention, HaCoder team play soccer and freestyle football, but don’t like to watch it on TV.

Most hackers use the coffee and / or sugar or soda (Coke) to stay awake all night during the hacking.


Build an Eye-Catching Website with These Free Tools.

Remember Emaze, that software for creating online presentations?  First, it was dedicated only to creating presentations. Now they expand their portfolio to let users build eye-catching personalized websites. It works without writing a single line of code and offers a large choice of templates, each for different interest groups from fashion to sport and others. Curious? Here’s a live demo.

What are your options?

If you don’t have enough time or inspiration for creating websites, this new feature will certainly help you. It has similar options such as other online tools for creating websites, JimdoWix and Squarespace but with one significant difference – it comes with a simple import feature. All you need to do is to let the tool grab data from your own social media profiles including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you set the chosen template, Emaze automatically generates your new website with content from your social media profiles. Quickly, you’ll have a very own personal website without the trouble of designing and hosting it.

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Ever Wondered why ATM Pin is Only 4-digits.Here is the reason!

We may come across major things in our day to day life. Most of the times we fail to notice the strange thing in it. ATM machines are not new to us. We are very familiar with the usage of ATM’s. After the invention of ATM machine, the major task of drawing the money from our bank account became so simple. It’s very convenient for us to carry ATM-cum-Debit cards with us. You can withdraw from your account with a simple swipe of you debit card at the ATM’s. ATM machines were installed  all over the world in every street of the cities. There is no wonder that even the extremely remote areas got installed with ATM machines.

But there is an interesting theory behind the development of  the ATM as we know it now.

Read more to know it…

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Ever Wondered Why The Letters On A Computer Keyboard Are NOT In Alphabetical Order?

We are in a digital world now and computers have become our basic need in our lives. And the primary thing we need to operate this machine is a keyboard. Every time I see my keyboard, a question comes into my mind – why are the keys not arranged in the alphabetical order? Why are they MIXED up like this? Is there any reason behind this?

Have you also ever thought of this? If so, here we are going to tell you some facts about the arrangement of letters on Keyboard. Check out why!Read TO find out..

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Ada: a C Developer’s Perspective

There is code running everywhere and on everything. It’s no longer isolated to just our cell phones and laptops. There are smart keys, smart toasters, smart pens, and even smart clothing. And everything is going to continue to get smarter. From a software development perspective, smarter means that there is more code being shoved onto these processors every day. When the software catches up and maxes out the hardware, there is new hardware waiting to take on the new responsibilities. With the ever-growing pile of code that we, as software developers, are tasked to maintain, there are, inevitably, things that will be missed. And as we rely more and more on software-enabled devices for our daily activities, those errors can jeopardize our safety and security. Despite this risk, the software development community has only recently become cognizant of these issues as they manifest as security vulnerabilities in IoT devices, car control systems, and financial software systems. So, what is the solution for handling mountains of code that needs to be safe, secure, and maintainable? The aerospace industry has had an answer to this questions for many years. When tasked with applications with requirements such as code safety and reliability, efficient software development cycles, and the ability to maintain code bases for many years, they turn to a programming language designed for exactly that purpose, Ada.


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Meaning behind Sony laptops logo

The meaning behind the Sony Vaio logo. I always find things like this super interesting. Came across this example on a Tumblr, but have re created the artwork. The branding was created by Timothy Hanley to distinguish items that integrate consumer audio and video with conventional computing products. Continue reading “Meaning behind Sony laptops logo”